Saturday, June 7, 2008

New Additions

Click on the photos to enlarge.
This is the climbing hydrangea at nesting time.
This is the same vine in June at hatching time.
Mama and her two babies.
Wee ones on their own.
HERE WE ARE!! We're cute and fluffy when we're hunkered in...
A little skinny bird when considering flight. Should I stay or should I go???
These two will have flown the coop by this weekend. Last opportunity to take any photos without mother's wings flapping in defense. Bye Bye coo-coo's


  1. Thanks for the family update. We love to know how your kids are doing, are these the same two you had in your blog a few weeks ago?

  2. Thanks for sharing such great photos. I love to sit in the backyard and listen and watch the many birds that choose to visit us. It is special when they decide to nest like that.