Monday, June 9, 2008

Snack Bags

Recently, I came across "Snack Bags". These are resealable plastic bags. I know, I know, that dreaded plastic bag thing, but I'm not throwing them out I'm saving things in them for a looooong time. They are the same width but shorter than sandwich bags. I got the 'no name' version in Loblaws...economical as well. I'm not sure why I was never aware of these. I don't use that many "Baggies" as they used to be called.

Turns out they are a "crafters" best friend. Think about the endless possibilities.
From beading projects to sorting out buttons, jewelery, scrapbooking smalls, your sewing junk, your workroom junk, they are fabulous. I once heard a makeup artist touting these bags for organizing your cosmetics.

They may even be good for snacks since you'll be so busy filling them, you'll ultimately need sustenance. Mini marshmallows would be a perfect fit. Then you could make yourself a hot chocolate. While you're having your hot chocolate you might need a cookie... This is no doubt how the series, "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" got started.
If you happen to be a "Button Junkie" and a collector of smallish items, you can't imagine the joy you will experience in this find. It may also compel you to start looking for things to put in the bags. Mine came in a box of 75, and it becomes an exciting adventure to find a new use for them. You may consider this exercise, which will balance any snacking you may do.

I'm off to organize my Carmi buttons, I will have a bag for each of her categories and since I now have to keep a log as to which ones "got it"....."want it".....these little hummers will come in mighty handy.

The picture on the no name box has cherries in the snack bag. I just got a huge bucket of cherries from Costco....this might be overkill.


  1. Your little baggies are great for ink pads as well. If I don't have a tupperware container for my ink pad they go into a baggie. Since we don't stamp all that often I think they might dry out a heck of alot faster than you think. So Baggie it. I also put my tape runners from scrapping in, they do dry out just in you sorting bin. I love that story if you give a mouse a cookie, all bet it was written on one of those days you go to the laundry room, and have forgotten what you came to do. And they we are exhausted by the time we remember. Thanks for the product knowledge. Does the President know your promoting his products, there might be some $ in it.

  2. Do you mean to tell me you are picking Cherries over Chocolate Chip Cookies???

    What have these baggies done to you?

  3. Glad to see a fellow crafter happy. I use the snack bags all the time. They are great for buttons, beads and lots of other craft items. Also I love my new magnets. Kirk and I went to Costco and I convinced him I needed a magnetic dry erase board. So it sits above my work area with all my favorite things on display. Thanks for your thoughtfulness

  4. Oh' that would be a good idea. Linda said a magnetic board with baggies all over it.

  5. I have the very same little bags in my drawer. They are the perfect size for toting treats for my little Karamel.