Thursday, June 5, 2008

Soulpepper Theatre

Last night we did something very spontaneous. I was downtown and decided it was late enough that I didn't want to face the traffic driving home, so I called the professor and we decided to stay for dinner. Before we knew it, we were at one of our favourite spots in the city, the "Distillery District". It was a strangely foggy evening just like the first time I ever visited Gooderham and Worts old haunts. It's totally Dickensian. Indeed the complex is touted as being "the largest best preserved collection of Victorian Industrial Architecture in North America". You fully expect to see someone come out rolling a barrel of spirits across the cobblestone streets.
After a splendid meal at the Mill Street Brew Pub, we sauntered over to see what was on at Soulpepper Theatre

"'Night Mother" with Megan Follows and her real mother Dawn Greenhalgh was still playing. This play got excellent reviews and is actually held over. For the first time, ever, I inquired about rush seats. I was handed a number "8" and told to come back fifteen minutes before the play started. It worked! We got in and had seats in row G. You pay $20.00 cash for the seats and I dare say they were terrific. The play is 90 minutes long, no intermission. The acting is very strong, and the subject matter is very disturbing. The casting was perfect.

Another of my all time favourite bakeries is located in the complex. The Brick Street Bakery is, itself, worth the trip. They have the worlds best Eccles cakes. The building is typically exposed-brick, wooden floored, and offers lots of organic flour treats. The sandwich offerings of the day are listed on a chalkboard. The bakery is closed on Mondays and I think they still only accept cash. That's a shame because you usually need LOTS of cash to get out of there...laden.
If you have never ventured to the Distillery District, summer is when it is at it's best. There is always something going on. There are many on site artisans, and some very interesting ateliers. The parking along stonehouse walk makes it easy to access. Worth a taste I'd say.

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  1. Leslie Thanks for this blog. Kirk and I have to go downtown to deliver the Pj's for preemies to sick kids so we planned to spend a day enjoying the downtown. We have always had the distillary district on our to list. Thanks again

  2. The Distillery District sounds like the place to be, especially in the summer. I may try to get the old guy to try the rush seat approach following dinner. I would like to see Night Mother, especially with the mother and daughter team involved. Thanks for the reminder about the bakery. We will not venture down on Monday. Keep blogging girl, you are doing a superb job.

  3. What a good road trip. You are so creative. Hope the professor appreciated your coordinating efforts.