Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Summer Table

Pierre Bonnard (1867-1947) Table Set in a Garden c. 1908
National Gallery of Art

This picture makes me want to be at that table. I love the coolness and the dappled sunlight. It's likely in rural France, or possibly he was visiting my favourite illustrator Carl Larsson in Sweden. More importantly, I think it's the table cloth. It fills me with a sense of longing.

Longing for the day when I may even finish yet another "inspired" project.
This picture is from the "Glorious Patchwork" collection of Kaffe Fassett. How could you NOT want to make this table. Click on the photo. I want to EAT everything on this cloth. Furthermore, I can even furnish the tabletop with all those pieces of china!!!

I've already told the story about Ingrid and I "committing" to undertaking this massive feat. We blithely went headlong into the pursuit and purchase of at least a million differing floral prints. The pursuit was actually from coast to coast. We not only purchased in Pointe Claire, Quebec but also in Canmore, Alberta. At that point in time we had kids in University as well as only being 50 years old...but I digress, and that is yet another blog.

I think it was at cutting time that we read the instructions and found that the dimensions of this floral fantasy were 88in. by 88in. From the outset, it probably would have occurred to some of more brain than Ingrid or I that there are a lot of inches in this measurement. If you convert it to feet for example...it's 7.3 feet. That's a big table-covering by anyone's measurement.

Our "floral vision" was so large, that indeed there wasn't enough space in my little house to properly lay out the quilt top, hence the move to Ingrid's enormous bedroom floor. It was by now perfectly evident that not only had we created a monster, but also what table was our work ever going to grace?? It fit Ing's bed. Okay. How about a bed quilt...a bed that could go in a garden....this is so deflating. We're losing momentum, we're losing interest. It gets put off until the fall. This is an inside joke. Ingrid is always so busy in winter skiin' (that's how she says it), in the spring she's gardnin' and in the summer entertainin'....the only season left to be creative is in the fall.

When I came across this picture of Bonnard's my mind raced to wanting to set up this idyllic scene in my own backyard. Just as quickly I was reminded of the "bits and pieces" (Ingrid always says that too) tucked away in a box in my basement. Fall is only one season away....and about 10 years since we came up with this brain wave. I've been intermittently thinking about those hundreds of right-angled triangles and trying to reinvent the idea of what they could be. Any ideas? How about a ten year anniversary workshop in "the fall".


  1. I'm sorry you cannot resume your patching in the fall. Remember we are taking an upholstering course. For our cheese boxes. However, I may have Tuesday mornings available, or at Jinny where you can come with your unfinished items.

  2. Hahaha - at first glance I thought that table was set in your very own back yard because even I recognized all of the glorious things on top of the tablecloth. I was always perplexed at the size of the tablecloth (with or without wine spills) no less the concept of the size - I was thinking tents, etc. in those days.

    I think the solution is to cut it into quarters to make bridge table cloths for the "home". I'm sure it would be perfect.

  3. Leslie:

    I'm smilin ...your blog's inspirin ... I'm certainly not quittin ... I'm done with skiin ... entertainment is in full swing ... so, I'm sayin "Fall" is the thing ... and let's get this quiltin in full swing!!! Let's get plannin ... Ing ...