Thursday, June 26, 2008


I have just returned from five days in the Nation's Capital, and it never ceases to amaze me how the little village of Westboro, where I grew up, keeps evolving. I didn't have a lot of time in between visits with my Mum, but one morning on our way back from breakfast, my aunt and I noticed this mural on one of the corners. I didn't have time to research any more about the artist or get to the corner of Richmond Road and Churchill to see the other one there, but I will, next trip. Make sure to click on the photos to see the detail in these on-the-wall of building murals. Especially the horse hitch, in the second shot, which you are tempted to go and touch to make sure if it's painted or real.
This is when you wish little point and shoot digital cameras had wide angle lenses. I didn't think about the landscape feature. I'll try that next time. Apparently there actually was a dairy in this location a long time ago. I don't remember anything but a meat-locker in that spot. Helen will know.


  1. Welcome back, we missed you and your blog. Your photo is scrapworthy.

  2. No my dear, I am far too young to remember the dairy or anything beyond the meat locker. Mildred does recall the dairy however, but for the moment can not picture anything else in that area. Perhaps her memory will serve her better tomorrow.
    On my next trip to Ottawa, I shall devote considerable time to strolling in Westboro and enjoy it at my leisure.
    A quick search indicates that the murals are those of an unidentified local artist. No doubt someone from Nepean High!

  3. welcome back as well. I too missed your blog. Hope all is well in Ottawa. Missed you at fitness. Have a Happy Canada Day. Great pictures as usual Thanks