Thursday, June 19, 2008


Having just been inspired by words at the Mille Femmes exhibit, imagine how excited I was to find this fabulous "word cloud" artistic outlet. I borrowed this from the professor's blog, which he borrowed from some student's blog...this is where I constantly question the nature of TRUE originality. The website is

have a look at what you can do!!

A few years ago, my friend Dana and I were intent on inscribing our favourite words on rocks, after an (original) idea I had seen in Victoria Magazine. We had a marvellous time at a table in the garden, writing down our best are just a few of Dana's words, done in Wordle:

When you try out the various combinations of layouts, fonts and colours you can get a totally different look...same words...

These are my words.....I think this is too much fun. I'm not going to class today.

Wanna' Play????


  1. missed you yesterday at class but I can see you were having too much fun. The wordle website is one for Kirk and I to try when we have lots of time. Won't see you Friday as I have 3 things on that day. See you next week.

  2. Love it! It is much better to exercise the mind than the body. So I say as I sit here eating macaroni and cheese and drinking tea with sambuca. I will also play instead of cleaning.

  3. I just posted to my blog and then decided to check yours out. Lo and behold we both wrote about wordle. Great minds obviously think alike, although you were way more creative with it than I was!