Thursday, July 10, 2008

Frantic Farms

Another good reason to make a day trip to Warkworth. Frantic Farms Clay and Glass Works. I couldn't resist. I got a purple spotty glass. Everything tastes better in a spotty glass. It's magic.

A potter and a glassblower live a story, like the owl and the pussycat. A romantic adventure, out to see (the world). Their journey in functional porcelain and kool-aid coloured glass look to capture life as a nursery rhyme.

Photo: The Toronto Star


  1. One glass is simply not enough. This would be a lovely little rainbow collection of perfect little glasses to display on your quilted tablecloth. And the pitcher - oooh lala!

  2. These are beautiful. I agree with Marcia they would be perfect on your tablecloth.

  3. I thought so too. I'll be collecting them one at a time. The purple spotty glass is $42.00. Do the math!