Saturday, July 5, 2008

Mostly Martha

Mostly Martha (Bella Martha 2001) is a German romantic comedy/drama. It is about a skilled chef in Hamburg, Germany. When her sister dies, she is left taking care of her niece, and all the problems that this situation now raises. She then has to face choices about the best way to direct her new life-circumstances. If you are a "foodie" you will enjoy the chats Martha has with her therapist about cooking.

This song "Via Con Me" , (Paolo Conte), plays throughout the movie and I love it. There was a 2007 take-off on this movie "No Reservations". You must see the original "Mostly Martha"....this is the one to see. It is foreign, it is sub-titled, it is a great lazy summer flick.

If nothing else, you can purchase this song on iTunes. It makes me smile every time he throws in the lyrics "chips, chips".....I think he just likes the sound of it..nothing to do with anything, but funny words!!

This is a trailer for the movie. Just a fun little love story.

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