Friday, July 4, 2008

Mule Train Ride - Grand Canyon Happy 4th. of July!

Gordon and Rachael just returned from a great, long overdue trip to Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Here they are looking appropriately "western". This is Gordon's first attempt at You Tube postings. I think this is awesome, not only because he made the video, but also because it was done from the back of a MULE!

Watching the video, it seems to me that Gord's mule was heading to the edge more often than the others. He seemed to be constantly wanting to peer over the ever increasingly abrupt cliffs. This activity will not be on my "Bucket List". Little Rach is such a rider! There she is keeping her little donkey in line "motivating" him. She's likely used to it, after all she does live with Gordon who has been known to have a similar temperament :)

The face of patience

Take this ride up the Grand Canyon. You cold save a lot of money, energy, and nerve by living vicariously!

This is a hilarious event for our family. For years, the professor has worn a Tilley hat. For years, he has been mercilessly kidded by his family for his choice of head gear....well, he's actually been kidded about his entire head really!:) here are two of our kids sporting "Adult" appropriate-for-the-conditions hats! That's our family sense of humour. This will be the making of lots of laughter.


  1. Oh this is great, we'll have to learn how to do that. The only thing I would have like to hear was, that song you know,... "don't fence me in". Your son is so handsome, and Rachel truly does have the face of patience. You lucky lady.

  2. This is a trip that is not for the faint of heart; well done Rachel and Gordon. Better to have 4 sturdy feet under you than your very own wobbly legs!