Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Wheels?

The "Two Fat Ladies" started this obsession.

I've also always loved the notion of having a VESPA. Living in Europe will do that to you.

The trouble would be which model? This one is pretty spiffy. I like the green and the seat is great....

This may be a little too "transformery"....more like a blue boy bike.....

Very jazzy colour, AN-D [Dana will get this] the front looks wider to save your clothes from flying off.....Dana and I actually tried Vespas in a showroom in Georgetown once....

I think this might have to be the winner.....How CUTE is this???? I love the pink side mirrors!!

I think I'd like a VESPA. It's a vehicle for everyone in the world!!!


  1. My favorite HAS to be the green one. This is all too weird. I was thinking about Vespas ON MY WAY TO BETHESDA TODAY!! This is psychic!!

    an-D perfect.

  2. Look like you are thinking of new way to save gas and come to fitness classes. All those different colours could tempt any of us.