Sunday, July 6, 2008

Only in rural Ontario

Just in from a road trip on some of the back roads between Toronto and Ottawa. Look at this for a perfect Main Street parking spot for your John Deere!

More to report this coming week....

I'm going to take it country slooooow.....

It's summer time.

Summer hours.

Gone Fishin'! ... so to speak

(That's Valley talk!)


  1. Ma Soeur,
    Just got back from the valley ourselves. Our waitress at the modest motel on Golden Lake was from Killaloe where they are celebrating their centennial in grand style apparently. She neglected to give us the 55+ seniors discount as we looked "far too young" in her opinion, but made the adjustment and got herself a hefty tip for her error and trouble. (No one ever makes that mistake here, which is always rather disappointing. Just good manners and PR around Ottawa I suspect.)
    Speaking of fishin', it was the Fishing Derby at RPC this morning, with 50 young ones on the dock with their gear at 7AM. Remember those days?