Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rococo 1700-1760

The Hidden Note (Jean-Honore Fragonard 1732-1806)

The word "rococo" derives from "rocaille" meaning "shell work" which was a favourite ornamental device of the period.

Rococo was a reaction against the grand style and subject matter of the Baroque period. The style was characterized by pastel colours, graceful curving forms and a light-hearted mood. The subject matter was often a dramatic aristocratic love scene in a decorative natural setting.
I love everything about this picture. The light, the shimmering gown she is wearing, her writing desk, her little companion and the way she looks back as if daring us to confront the contents of her little gift. Maybe she's the one hiding the note!
What do you suppose is in the note? I think she is blushing at our intrusion and that little dog looks guilty enough.

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  1. That dog looks like Karamel with fluffier ears.