Saturday, July 26, 2008

Summer Bags

Always on the hunt for the perfect bag, I think I have come pretty close to solving the problem for my current needs. The vertical Tote by Vera Bradley.

In front, two magnetic flap pockets have an additional set of slip-ins behind. The pockets which snap on their own are perfect for putting your car keys and cell phone in. You can slip things like grocery lists, parking tickets, in the pockets behind the secured front flaps.

They say it takes six weeks to firmly make things a habit...this seems to take infinitely less time. I'm able to find my keys instantly and get to the phone when I want it outside the bag.

In back, one large zippered compartment, can hold a magazine...(a bit sticks out the top), or a knitting book, or a wide ruled yellow newsprint pad (I use these exclusively for my LISTS!

Inside, there’s a full, zippered pocket (large enough for a billfold or passport) and three small slip-ins, which hold the cell phone when you want it zipped away, your sunglasses or readers, and whatever else you need closest to the opening.

The base is strong and flat so it sits up on it's own under the table (restaurant). The colours are wide ranging and brilliant. I love this bag. The over the shoulder straps are long but not too long and soft on the old bones.

Your arm is always over the zipped interior when you carry it, so unless someone cuts the straps off, Bob's your uncle! I have the one pictured here. Got it at Chautauqua and have been thrilled. It' lightweight to begin with, so when I load it up with my "stuff" it's still manageable.

*****5 stars!


  1. love it! Have you started to sew your own yet?

  2. Happy memories. I'll tell you how it holds up in India!

  3. Love the bag. Wish you got it here. You will have to design your own so we can all have one. Happy summer