Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer Project - Journaling

While I was in Ottawa, I finally located a copy of Somerset Studio with Colette's art on the cover. The depth and breadth of the hunt made it all the more magical. Magazines are about as much as I can handle these days. I find my concentration is broken too often to really read anything of any weight. I've been going over the various instruction books in my pile of "to read" and am anxious to try out some of the techniques.

Reading the latest edition of Cloth*Paper*Scissors , Icame across two interesting articles that have led me to a new project. It's a great issue. I actually wrote to ask permission to use these photos in my post. No answer, so I'm going to put them on anyway....I'm sure you'll be buying the magazine ...this is good advertising. Just make sure that you realize I am acknowledging the original artists at the end of this post.

I am going to journal my blog. This is likely not a new idea for "old" bloggers, but for me it's a summer project.

This week, I realized was half-way through the year. My calendar of daily art pictures was flipped and it was a real shock to think that in 6 months, not only will I need another calendar, but it will also be January again.

Before life impedes my way any further, I think I shall take matters in hand and start clipping and pasting my journal entries, pictures, and whatever other paraphernalia I have to add to it.

I love the concept of these particular journals and what with the many books I have added to my studio library on techniques and methods, it should make for some useful experimentation as well.

In my current state of "suspended animation" this is something I can think about. One day at a time. One page at a time. Having shown these fabulous artists, mine will be nothing like theirs, but it will be mine. Thanks also to Carmi, Susan, Colette and the many other encouraging and inspiring artists who continue to share their light.

Photo Credits: Cloth Paper Scissors clothpaperscissors.com
Lost & Found [Jessica Deane Rosner] http://www.jessicadeanerosner.com/
Art at the Speed of Life [Pam Carriker] http://www.pamcarriker.com/
Extreme Visual journalism [Juliana Coles] http://www.meandpete.com/


  1. I know your page will be fabulous. I haven't been able to find that Sommerset issue. I do think we should be subscribing.

  2. Thanks so much for your post Leslie. Because of what's been going on with my dad, I haven't touched my journal since June 18th. Your one day at a time/one page at a time has inspired me to make time for my journal too. My thoughts are with you and your mom.