Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Telephone Woes

I hate Bell telephone.

They make it so difficult. We've had no land line for a week. Bell was on our street, presumably responding to a neighbour's problems, digging a huge hole and frigging around with wires and cables. They leave and mysteriously OUR phone is on the fritz. We can't call Bell, because there is so much static, interference etc. on the line, you can't hear...but apparently you can be heard..no problem on their end. They now treat you like some insane person, because you can't respond to them.

You call the Professor and tell him to phone them on his office phone. He goes through the rigmarole of pushing numbers, repeating scripted prompts until actually getting to someone with a pulse, and explains that every time it rains heavily we have this problem because all the wires are underground and we've been dealing with this for 27 years. That doesn't impress someone who is in Mumbai!!

The best they can do is send a technician to inspect our "equipment". We are cautioned that if they come and there is something that doesn't fit into their neat little category of acceptable fixes, we will be charged a $75 fee. The implication is that this is all our FAULT. I hate that sort of inference. It makes me instantly combative. So much for the customer always being right.

By now, knowing there is nothing wrong with our "equipment" we just shut up and hope that whoever they send is "equipped" with hip-waders, because he's going down the manhole at the end of our driveway to fix this problem.

I wonder if Rogers is a better alternative??? I think they are all the same. It makes me realize that I had better get used to the cell phone. I think this is going to become our only option.

Now I hear on the radio that Bell is reorganizing and laying off hundreds of employees. They are supposed to be focusing on "customer service" HA! I wonder who was complaining about THAT aspect of the company???

Perhaps this is why the guys climbed out of the hole at the end of the street and didn't come back. Ah.....technology!!


  1. It seems we have all had these issues with Bell. We are with Rogers at present. I have a man hole at the end of my driveway. Last year I got so ticked I called City Hall. There must be something we could do. I did get the hole fixed up, and now apparently our cable lines are very old. It never ends. I too think cell's are the way to go.

  2. The only problem with the cell is carrying it around with you at all times. I'm thinking of duct-taping it to my leg today! You do have to have a "holster" of some kind! Back to the wild west.

  3. Sounds like a story I have heard before as many of us HATE the Bell service. Our lines are very old too and it is scary to be without your phone. Thank goodness for our cell phones in times like this.