Monday, July 7, 2008


When you are faced with driving back and forth to Ottawa several times a month with the sad task of visiting a terminally ill parent, there has to be something to make that trip a little less onerous. I have tried driving various routes in order to break the tedium, the 401 and Hwy. 7, despite the change in vegetation and seasons, offer little in the way of artful distraction.

Last month, after reading an article by Rita Zekas in the Toronto Star titled "Great Escape", I was intrigued by the Main Street in Warkworth. The Professor and I decided to grab a piece of pie, a cup of tea, use the facilities and smile at the rabbits at "The Big Apple", and head up Hwy. 30 in search of soul soothing.

Of course I had long since misplaced the article, so hoped that once again, one of my getting lost forays would yield a happy accident. We were not disappointed. I did my usual 1 minute perusal of the scene and ended up at the beginning of the street in a knitting/tea shop "The Bee's Knees".

I'm always lured by fine knitting yarns and the charm of this little shop is captivating. Before long, Heather was expertly winding my yarn...........
while one after another of the most interesting women entered the shop.

Ellen was informing me of sites of all sorts of interest to knitters:
and the darling owner (otherwise look-alike Geena Davis) Carolyn McAlpine, was simultaneously suggesting yarns and projects, finding books, helping customers, teaching the pattern and practically serving tea at the same time! (The other part of the shop specializes in tea related goodies. Heaven) The Bees Knees

If all of that going on at once were not enough, several townspeople, merchants and a husband or two periodically entered the scene. One of them being, I'm not ready yet!!!

This is the little capelet that was on display in the shop. In the picture above, you can just see it's dark outline on the wire form. It is from the Vogue knitting magazine. I hope to be able to conquer the pattern and knit this little luxury for my Mom in her bed. She loves to watch me for awhile, and then she drifts off easily into slumber. There is something very relaxing, satisfying, and hopeful for both of us in this simple pursuit.

As for Warkworth, (yes it's where the federal prison is..but no one seems to pay any attention to that) you can reach it either coming from or going to Ottawa. From the 401 or Highway 7, it is a welcome stress-free detour, or just a fun day trip. I will make a point of dropping in as often as time allows. I need to get to the other side of the street!

I haven't begun to sing the praises of either the town or it's merchants. As I was leaving to take one more picture of the John Deere tractor parked on the main street, yet another "friend" emerged from her shop to tell me about the horse drawn carriage that is sometimes tethered in that spot while the little girls go in for an ice cream, or the two women who ride their mounts into town. The best thing is the illuminated Christmas parade. Better even than Macy's I'm told!


  1. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts with us. I know what it is like to watch an ailing mother struggling but always know that you are doing the best for her and have no regrets. In my thoughts Linda

  2. Oh, I love that capelet. Would I be able to get the pattern from you? I am going to need some more knitting projects for the fall. Thank-you.