Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Women 4 Women-Knitting 4 Peace

On Monday, I ventured over to the Hall of Missions to find out what knitting for peace was all about. Susan McKee is instrumental in getting shawls and dolls of comfort to the women and children of war torn countries. I can't say enough about the efforts of these amazingly graceful women.

These are two of the women who attended, just prior to blessing the donated shawls which are now ready to be shipped. They are holding the comfort dolls, given to kids who have absolutely nothing.

After the meeting, I met another woman from Streetsville, who's church has been doing similar outreach. Right in my own backyard! This sounds like something my friend Linda H. would do.

Needless to say, I was off to the wool shop today, where I bumped into several of the other women. We're all going to knit tonight at the concert under the stars.

I love this quote by Margaret Mead which is included in Susan's literature.

"Never doubt that a small group of
thoughtful committed citizens
can change the world;
indeed it's the only thing
that ever has."

--Margaret Mead


  1. This sounds great. Maybe I'll finally get back to knitting.

  2. Lovely and I love that you gave me something to think of you doing.

    (change Mead's quote to be 'ever')

    love, D

  3. Thanks D. Just so that you know, I'm knitting a peace shawl, an "amp" scarf...specifically designed by the shop for people to do at the lectures etc. and another shawl that I couldn't resist. All small projects, but keeping my hands busy.

    Wish you were here. I have to teach you to knit!

  4. Sounds like another project in the making. Let me know the details and I may get my knitting needles going. My mother was the knitter but I do enjoy it as well. Thanks again for all your wonderful blogging.

  5. Oops the last message was for me but I made a little boo boo. Thank again Linda