Thursday, July 3, 2008

Yearbook Photos

Nepean High School

Remember your Yearbook Photos?? How important was that book to you? It is the end of the school year and this years books are out now. Do you still have yours?

I was reminded of yearbooks a while ago when I needed to know a 'former' (notice I didn't put OLD) schoolmate's name. I had to resort to calling Helen, who by the way seems to be missing from my collection of is the professor... Oh YES, they were sooo far ahead of me! :) In those days a couple of years was a huge difference. That's why my little brother isn't here either, he wasn't even in grade nine then.

Helen located the missing person via our Ottawa, Nepean High School yearbook photos.

My dear friend Dana is actually in charge of her private girls school yearbook in the Washington, DC area. You don't screw around with the photos when some Congress person's kids are in them. It makes me laugh to see the quality..or lack thereof in my former alma mater. Everything is digital these days, and Dana's books are a work of art.

Here I am in 11th. grade. If the picture could be made any larger you would see a little bullseye dot on my head....

In this photo, it is not all the fault of the yearbook, the book was slipping and sliding on the scanner and then I tried to fix it in photoshop and it's just not worth's tippy
I'm the one in the second row. [The girl on the bottom row right hand side and I work out at the gym in Mississauga these days!!! How weird is THAT!?] Many kids went on to become minor celebrities...

Bruce Cockburn
(Wonderin' Where the Lions Are?) was way too cool to ever show up for pictures, but he looked like this even in those days!!!

If you live in Canada and you ever watched "Mr. Dressup"'ll know Beth-Anne

If you live in Canada you know Ian Miller the equestrian..

It's amazing. I had not realized that Ian and I had something so fundamental in common until I was scanning these pictures. You will notice the bullseye dot above his eye?? The same "dot" appears on my head!!

This was when I was Head Girl at Nepean and the photo is full of fluff and dust....this did not occur in my scan, it's the actual resolution of the original photo. I understand that this would cause a law suit and irreparable damage to a kid's psyche these days!!

In our day we were just happy to get the book which was totally done by the students and a few staff advisors

Naomi then........

and now....
Of course dear sweet Naomi Duguidwho is now a celebrated cook book author. Not bad for a little old high school in little old Westboro. The building still looks the same, I still feel the same inside as I did in those days, I just hope the yearbook is improving!


  1. Ma soeur,
    As I recall, the day you received your high school yearbook, was one of the best days of the year. And of course in one's grad issue, those huge, top quality photos created quite a buzz. Naturally we always felt (hoped) we looked so much better than the photographs. I never thought to blame the results on the resolution of the photo however. I just thought I looked like that after sleeping on brush-filled rollers nightly!
    I have every one of my yearbooks and still enjoy looking them over occasionally. I am happy that a number of people from those years at Nepean are still dear friends. It was a great school with fond memories.
    And you sweet thing, haven't changed a bit!

  2. Oh my God! It's Jane all over. A little better resolution but Jane. You look fabulous, I'm sure I burned all my pictures have all the yearbooks for just that kind of thing. "how many of us are famous".

  3. Hi Leslie I am just catching up on your past blogs. This one was great and yes Kirk and I do still have our year books. We were highschool sweethearts so have fun to this day looking up friends we went to Port Credit High with. A little aside at our wedding our best man had the last name Duguid (small world or common name?)