Sunday, August 10, 2008

Anniversary Flowers

The professor really outdid himself yesterday for our anniversary. If I were to be married now, I probably would have picked at least some of these blooms for my bouquet. Click on the picture to see them up fresh, how perfect. Even the ribbon mirrors the colour of my dress.

My actual bouquet was nothing like what I had wanted or envisaged. At the time I was looking through American magazines and wanted a purple clematis cascade like I had seen portrayed. Fine's Florist in Ottawa, which was the most progressive in town 40 years ago, had never heard of such a thing, so they were left with the final decision and came up with bachelor's buttons!!! These days we are so lucky to be able to access any florals anytime of the year. I particularly like the combination that Larry chose...he should have been in charge of the flowers then I guess.

The purple Lysianthus is one of my favourite flowers, the agapanthus adds a lovely texture, the hydrangea is the perfect colour for my dress, and the delphinium are such an August bloom. Add a few daisies for contrast, and here comes the bride!


  1. We need to now see your dress, that you're referring to in this blog. And yes they are lovely flowers, the professor probably has learned a lot from you and your garden.

  2. A very Happy Anniversary to you and Larry. The flowers are outstanding and the pictures are wonderful. I am glad you had such a lovely celebration. We have been in Montreal so I have been out of touch but hope to see you this week.