Tuesday, August 26, 2008


What better way to rocket one out of sadness than to be met at the end of the driveway today by a bouncing gaggle of giggling 10 year old girls intent on making cupcakes! We had planned to do this on a rainy day this summer, but I've been away for so long that we just never got around to it. I am now (firmly) reminded that summer is almost over and we MUST get going!! Indeed.

A while ago I was just enchanted by Vanessa Valencia's A Fanciful Twist Costumed Tea Party. Thank you Vanessa. I love your imagination and your colourful blog, and Colette for the link :)

The Mad Tea Party {of the Costume Variety}peek at this posting and you'll see this spectacular idea.

Eye candy or WHAT???!!!

This made me need to rent-a-kid, or two, or a neighbourhood full. Can you imagine the joy???

It has been decided that some time after 10 a.m.(girls after my own heart) -these girls will arrive at my front door and the festivities of the day will begin. Based on the activity level I am anticipating, I won't even have to clean the house first! We will make a trip to the Bulk Barn and choose our toppings and return to create cupcakes of splendor.

Even if, as one of the troupe does, you have to go and get your "back-to-school" shots (yikes) you can come later. What better way to soothe your soul than to look forward to cupcakes? We will have tea and cupcakes in the garden...or (in the words of one wise child)....in the house if there are too many wasps.

We won't be making our own cups out of paper as Vanessa did. I have so many antique cups and saucers, I'm sure we'll find something suitable. After all, we intend to drink "gallons" of tea. The decorating will be up to the girls to do. I'll be the photographer and the go-to person to make sure all the frills are available.

Seeing from Vanessa's party that bubbles are de rigeur as well! --- Outside it will be.

[There are a few moms and dads in the neighborhood (whose permission has been ever so 'gratefully' granted - it is the end of summer after all) that are looking forward to any leftovers!!]


  1. FanTABulous. What a great moment to stick sprinkles on life and, perhaps, each other.

  2. I want to ice, sprinkle, and enjoy...Madeline keeps asking me, "What kind of cake do you want for your Birthday mom." I will give her my answer today...CUPCAKES...lots of CUPCAKES...

  3. Shelley! I'm so glad to see you here! Please tell Madeline that she's very lucky that you ordered cupcakes and NOT a LADYBUG cake! I can still remember making a half spherical cake in a pyrex bowl, and scouring the town for black licorice "shoelaces" and gallons of red food colouring to pull off one of your more imaginative birthday wishes! I'm not sure the food colouring would be allowed these days. Wish I had a picture of your face then:) I do hope you get LOTS of cupcakes. I'll call you on your day, with lots of laughter and memories. Thanks for stopping by.