Wednesday, August 27, 2008


If you've never seen a Cirque de Soleil production, then you must put it on your list of things to do.

We were lucky enough to have seen Saltimbanco in Toronto thanks to Gordon and Rachael who gifted us tickets for our anniversary. We had second row, floor seats, and luckily were not chosen to "perform". This is such an enchanting show that you hardly know what to look at. The pace is fast and furious the colours are a kaleidescope of the greatest magnitude and the music is other worldly. The troupe have an alien sort of language which is disarming at first, but quickly you become attuned and practically 'understand' the chatter.

I think every child, or child at heart should see the Cirque. Makes you want to run away and join this zany production. I'm not sure about the trapeze artists, or the acrobatics, or the contortions for that matter...but I could be the ring master!!

I think this show is still in the area. Hamilton...Copps Coliseum until Aug. 31. If you like the circus this is a magical evening.

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  1. Glad to see you are back blogging. Hope you are taking one day at a time. Miss you. You are in my thoughts often at this difficult time.