Monday, August 11, 2008

Vogue Wedding Dress Pattern - 1968

Here's the dress in it's original pattern pack.

In my day, most wedding dresses were done by dressmakers. I lost so much weight by the wedding that they had to construct a belt inside the evening length over dress to hold it up. The inside skirt is separate, but shows when you walk. There are 24 covered buttons running down the back...I always think it's nice to have the back of the dress as interesting as the front...after all, this is what the guests are looking at. My dress was done in blue crepe. I went away in white. What a rebel.

It would be fun to do something with the pattern pieces in altered art the way they do now, guess I'd have to photocopy the originals just for posterity. The pattern cost $5.50 at that time, which was considered outrageous.


  1. You are going to die. I thought your wedding dress looked familiar. That was my graduation dress, except I had hot pants under the long one. I think I still have that pattern and quite probably the dress. Isn't that weird. I love that dress I think it's timeless. But then it is Vogue.

  2. I have to add, yes let's do something with the pattern pieces. I have a few filing cabinets for sure. Put the original in a photo sleeve and keep it. I was trying to sell the patterns on ebay, (the ones I don't want).