Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Attention to Details

This is the time of year when I have to pay attention to details. The cars need to be registered again for license plate stickers and this year my passport expired.

There is a new format for "renewing" your Canadian passport. It's so much less complicated these days. You can print and download the completed forms on line, get two photos done...I chose Black's and had the latest ones done in black and white, thereby covering a myriad of flaws. If you are renewing, you just have to name two people (not relatives) no guarantor business now. You don't even have to have the pictures signed if you've had them done where the shop stamps the date taken on the back.

I had my pictures done, filled in the forms, went to the passport office in Mississauga and waited about forty minutes all tolled ...they say the passport will be in the mail in 3 weeks, but reliable sources have told me that it's usually much sooner. DONE.

I'll be foot loose and fancy free to travel again for another 5 years - in a couple of weeks. Don't forget to renew!!! Lots of countries are only allowing you in if your passport has 6 months or more valid date.

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  1. Ma Soeur,
    You are right. The passport process is actually a breeze now. We did the whole procedure earlier this year without even going to the passport office, and had our passports within the specified period. When you are retired, there is simply no time to stand in line!