Friday, September 12, 2008

Cake Day

This is so funny!!

When I was asked by people what I planned to do on my birthday, I said "A cake and a fork would be a good idea!" Totally unaware of my decision, my friend Ingrid, came by with this card. It's even funnier because she was a day early with the card and a cheerful bouquet of sunflowers. Thanks "Ing" made my DAYS.

Later in the afternoon, convinced that the cakes would be "rolling" in today, and in a valiant effort to be first......Jilly dropped by with two cupcakes from a cupcake shop in Streetsville !!! How this establishment has escaped my knowledge is totally perplexing...Jill was delighted to be the one to initiate me to one of the finer purveyors of our little community. How could I not have known????

She chose a "Red Velvet" and a "Raspberry Beret"!! Oh My Goodness

Now there's a HUGE problem. I am devoted to Dufflet, the undisputed Queen of Cakes!! What's a girl to do???

In an effort to be totally fair, I have decided to start the day by a destination fact finding mission to Swirls, and then swing by Longo's and pick up a Dufflet. I know I can do this.

Those in the know realize that "EAT CAKE" is my favourite birthday motto and I'm sticking to it!

P.S. If you DO drop by, for heaven's sake bring your own fork!

[Photo credits: Pigment Productions, Swirls, Dufflet]


  1. What a darling post. I hope everyone in range brings cakes AND forks.

    HB loved one.

  2. Darn I forgot to bring a fork today but thanks for the coffee and the visit. It is always wonderful to celebrate a birthday with a friend. Happy Birthday again.

  3. Happy Birthday Ma Soeur,
    I'm glad to hear you are having a wonderful day and enjoying plenty of cake. My mother puts it this way: "I didn't get to be 92 and with neither an ache nor a pain, by avoiding pie and cake!" So you see, you and Millie are on the same page, which gives you many more years to EAT CAKE! Enjoy, my friend.

  4. My birthday cupcakes homemade by none other than "Miss Madeline Jean," were chocolate with chocolate girl does it my way chocolate with chocolate all the way. Wish we were close by to make you homemade cupcakes Madeline style. Wishing you a wonderful birthday with love and laughter. By the way your birthdate is the one and only birthdate grandma got right in the family Bible...I am not kidding... all other birthdates are a day or two or three off...not sure why??? And, some family members didn't even get their birthdate listed in the family Bible...I wonder who they are??? It must be a sign that you are the MOST important CHILD... Betsy Wetsy or no Betsy Wetsy you were always remembered on the correct birthdate. Love you Shelley

  5. A woman after my own heart; she eats cake! Eat a piece or two for me!
    The best of wishes for a great birthday.