Friday, September 5, 2008

Christmas Knitting

I love knitting kits. This way, you get the amount of wool that you need and the pattern instructions...just add needles and you this case - a Christmas Stocking.

Judy's Colors

Years and years ago....40 to be exact, I knit the Professor and I Christmas stockings. They were big. We decided that we loved stocking surprises so much that we'd rather have them than other gifts. Not to mention that we were graduate students and it was all we could do just to stuff a stocking, let alone a turkey! Nowadays, the stocking-stuffers cost more than some very elaborate gifts, so there may be more than the one traditional orange and a few nuts in the toe from now on, or a revamp in our thinking.

In my home, as a child, we had a small version of Christmas stockings. They were red flannelet and had our names emblazoned in red on the white turn-over cuff. When little brother came along, big brother had already left the nest, and in her inimitable frugal way, my Mum crossed out big brother's name and wrote little brother's name in by hand. I don't think it ever donned on little brother what had actually happened until years later when it came time to clear out the familial house and the old Christmas stockings were discovered. This is another of those unforgettable family trauma's that make us laugh until we cry...unless of course you're little brother and get mad and throw out the stocking! This is his Betsy Wetsy affliction :)

As our family has increased, so has the pile of knit stockings. You can never have enough of these festive decorations.

Another great Chautauqua find.

[Judy's Colors photos and kits]

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  1. Wow these are great. How many of these have you knit? I remember the days when we got mostly fruit in our stockings and they were just stockings. We liked to use Dad's as they were the biggest. Things have changed now and there are many different types of stockings.Thanks for the great knitting ideas.