Saturday, September 13, 2008


Still on the subject of cupcakes, I have come across an interesting old friend.

Catherine Holman is a folk artist that I used to follow in the days when I was painting. I even took a course from her, and really enjoyed her style. Since I have not been as involved in this pursuit, I'd lost track of where all these talented people have gone.

To my surprise, I found that Catherinehas her own blog!!! She is also featuring a new line of paintings 'cupcakes' on her etsy site. This is another blogger that uses the music widget that I've been thinking about, I like hearing what others are listening you???

Funny how when you get focused on something, it pops up all over the place. Susan Williamson had a fun post yesterday on artists and sweets.......I knew there had to be some connection!!

There are entire blogs dedicated to my addiciton... This onewas linked to the picture I captured.

Seeing Catherine's blog makes me want to paint something again. I'm going to spend the weekend cleaning up the house and dragging out a couple of projects. I think I'll try and get at a certain papier-mâché pumpkin ....Catherine's place is getting decorated for the holidays and it reminds me of this favourite piece that I gave away and now lives in Connecticut. Aren't her chalkboard doors great!!??

I think the Christmas tree skirt I have tucked away is Catherine's design as well. A good quiet project to start back with.

Irene! If you're not too busy with the upcoming election ............


  1. I love you...I can hear you in every many projects have we discussed and admired. I feel as though we are happily back at Princeton again.

  2. Well, my mouth is watering for cake at the moment. Brownies are my weakness, and cheese cake, and cookies oh well anything. When I'm a desperate housewife, even toaster streudal will do. I do hope you are having a wonderful birthday, and eat lots of cake. And when you blow out the candles, count your blessings. Your pumpkin and tree skirt are just two projects we have tucked away. Miss painting with you. Happy B day dear friend.

  3. I'm glad that you were able to find my blog too! Thanks for mentioning me in your post and linking to it.