Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Baby

In honour of Benjamin Joseph, born September 12, 2008

This picture on my flip calendar from the National Gallery of Art appeared on September 12. I love this picture by Klimt [Baby (Cradle)1917/1918]. The significance became clear when we got the phone call from dear friends about the birth of their new grandson.

It's a baby boy, all that blue...congratulations to the new little family.


  1. Mazel tov!
    Paintings are so clever. The title made me look closer...I'd actually missed the star of the show at the top!!!

    We know who will be the star of this show!

  2. So happy for Steph and Jer and also for the proud grandparent Sue and Elliot. They couldn't have picked a better date. Happy Birthday all

  3. Thank you so much for honouring our little baby Benjamin Joseph. Things are hectic, but exciting. These are special times.