Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Pile on the Stairs

I have a bad habit of collecting books that I fully intend to read. It's like a lot of things that I collect. Indeed, there may never be enough time in ones life to complete all the "collections" that I'm mad about.

I've taken to piling books on the stairs, this way I am reminded of all the reading I have to do. You can click on the image to see the titles. Don't hesitate to record your book reviews in the comments.

The latest one is by Miriam Toews. "The Flying Troutmans"...the one with the glossy cover that reflects the camera flash. Sorry. [I'm just firing things off, not obsessing about correct format!]

I see that Oprah has a new book club selection out....sounds like a great read! Are we all on the same page? I think I'm once again in a place where I can read more than magazine articles in one sitting. I'm still in India in "Shantaram" which means man of peace
"I don't know if they found that name in the heart of the man they believed me to be, or if they planted it there, like a wishing tree, to bloom and grow. Whatever the case, whether they discovered that peace or created it, the truth is that the man I am was born in those moments, as I stood near the flood sticks with my face lifted to the chrismal rain. Shantaram. The better man that, slowly, and much too late, I began to be."

...Dana has been back for many months, but I linger in Bombay.

"'No, no, you do not understand. You must be careful, here, with the real affection of those you meet. This is not like any other place. This is India. Everyone who comes here falls in love - most of us fall in love many times over. And the Indians, they love most of all. Your little friend may be beginning to love you. There is nothing strange in this. I say it from a long experience of this country and especially of this city. It happens often, and easily, for the Indians. That is how they manage to live together, a billion of them, in reasonable peace. They are not perfect, of course. They know how to fight and lie and cheat each other, and all the things that all of us do. But more than any other people in the world, the Indians know how to love one another.'"

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts


  1. Your pile looks so artistic and inviting. I have a theory that you should just buy books that appeal to you and when you feel moved to read them, they're there. (Besides, buying books is good for the economy).

  2. Hi Leslie Well this is spooky I just went on the Library website to see which one of my books had come in. It was the Flying Troutmans by Miram Toews. I was so happy to be getting it today and then in checking out your blog see that it is in your grand pile of books too. Happy reading we can compare notes.

  3. Ma Soeur,
    Be sure to read "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" by Lisa See as well. A wonderful story of friendship in a very different time and place.

  4. You have the same book taste as I do! Anon said to read the other Lisa See book as well, and you must. It was fabulous. The Red Tent was an incredible read, also.