Saturday, September 27, 2008

Poires Belle-Hélène

In a phone conversation last night I happened to mention to Dana that I had decided to make Poires Belle-Hélène for dessert. She had not heard of combining pears with chocolate and was wondering what that might be like. I bought a flat of pears last week at Costco and inevitably pears ripen way faster than you can ever consume them.

"Beautiful Helen pears" were invented in Paris in the 19th century and were named after an opera by Offenbach. What a romantic introduction for this French dessert par excellence, a true classic"

This seemed like a great idea when I was in Michaelangeolo's and came across a jar of "Tipsy Chocolate and Cappuccino Liqueur Dessert Sauce", by Sable and Rosenfeld.

My pears were room temperature and ready to be eaten. I simple peeled them, and drizzled with this excellent chocolate sauce et voila! Hold the ice cream, hold the almond cookies....I'll get some of that for tomorrow nights' dinner!

For Dana and all those of you who may want a little more traditional recipe, check out this one

[photo and quote "My French Cuisine"]


  1. I do admit that a fresh pear is a real treat.

    However, for my dessert, unless I am feeling like a bit of great cheese and perfect fruit...I would say to your beautiful creation: Hold the pear and give me the chocolate straight up. You may include the ice cream if it complements the chocolate. You may choose from the following:
    almond biscotti
    french vanilla

    while butterscotch and caramel can go well, I find them too sweet and competition for my chocolate.

    Next question????

  2. What a coincidence...I was shopping at Longo last Friday and all kinds of pears were on sale for 99cents/lb. As I was debating which type to get, the lady next to me told me a very simple recipe to make them even more delicious.....

    Peel the skin off the pears, add a bit of brown sugar, a cinnamon stick and some fresh ginger to a small pot of water. Put the pears in and boil them until tender. She said her kids love them and I guess I will too cause it sounds really easy to make :P

  3. I'm not big on pears, but I could certainly try that one.