Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Reading the Fine Print

Years ago, I saw an article in a Victoria Magazine article on Sara Midda. She is such an interesting illustrator. At the time, I tracked down her book somewhere in the USA. The size of her miniature artwork is astonishing. I do hope you can find this book to have a look at it. I did not realize she had a second edition. I'll be tracking it down with my magnifying glass!

SUZANNE SLESIN of The New York Times in an article
Published: April 9, 1989 writes:

''If anyone asks if I was born with a paintbrush in my hand,'' said Sara Midda, an illustrator, author and designer, ''I say, 'Maybe not exactly,' but I have been drawing since my earliest recollection and certainly since I was 2 years old.''

Born in Brighton, England, Ms. Midda, who is 37, lives in London and is still drawing, drawing, drawing. But it was in her first book, ''In and Out of the Garden'' published in 1981 by Workman Publishing, where her incredibly detailed and lyrical style made a big impact.
''That was when I started drawing so little,'' she said of the book of intricate work. Her technique employed minute lettering as an integral element of the design. ''I had so much information to get into the format,'' she said.

Mitsukoshi, the giant Japanese department store chain, soon discovered the appeal of Ms. Midda's sensitively drawn and thoughtful bits of old-fashioned lore about gardening, fruits and vegetables. Now her work appears on more than 500 products sold in the store. Now working on a new book for Workman, titled ''A Sketchbook From the South of France,'' to be published in February, she sees her drawings as being ''a millimeter larger, and I hope looser.''

How does she come up with the hundreds of ideas that get translated into her art? ''One thing sparks off another,'' Ms. Midda said. ''Mostly I absorb what's around, mostly everyday things.'' That can include, she added, ''going to a market or a stationery shop, or just sitting in a garden. You can get ideas from anything.''

[found via "Vic"]

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