Friday, September 26, 2008

To Whom it May Concern

It's that time of year again. The new t.v. shows are starting again, school is in session and charities are back in the swing of canvasing.

I'm not sure if I approve of preprinted address labels, sent to me hoping that I would make a donation to their organizations.

I always feel guilty about using the labels, unless I donate to the cause. I suppose I get them because I may have donated in the past.

My frustration is that these charitable groups are producing the literature and "gifts" and sending them out using costly postage. Wouldn't that money be better spent on the groups immediate needs?

I know lots of people who are worried about where their donation money actually goes and fear that what they assume is to be used towards research to combat the usual offenders cancer, heart disease, arthritis etc. etc. is actually being spent doing this sort of 'awareness advertising'.

Others say they use the free labels, arguably feeling badly about doing so, but rationalize that since they are already printed and sent, they'd feel worse if they threw them out! Some I know have absolutely no problem using up an item that they neither asked for or promised any donation to. No guilt here at all.

The latest round of guilt inducing stick-ons arrived with my name spelled incorrectly. Mr. Leslie Jane Moran would be just too weird to they get thrown out immediately, and I didn't obsess about that at all. In fact, it's sort of insulting isn't it? Particularly when it was the hospital where you had a colonoscopy done begging for funds. I'd like to think they had my name correct!!

How do I not respond to War Amps Key tags?? My Dad always had a key tag.

If it's not labels arriving in the mail, it's things like the Royal Ontario Museum, The Art Gallery of Ontario, TVO, and many of the other places to which I belong and to which I pay a membership fee, wanting me to donate MORE! These are generally via the unsolicited telephone call which invariably comes through when I'm watching Coronation Street!

My stock answer now is that I donate my budgeted funds to one charity each year and that's that. For many years I have donated generously to the Canadian Cancer Society, and via my brother's rides, to Multiple Sclerosis. They have not sent me stickers.

"Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin."
-- Mother Teresa


  1. I could not agree more!!!
    That's why I don't answer the phone...and preprinted items are "returned to sender."

  2. I also feel guilty by not responding to those stick-ons although I have sent in donations when I first received them. Never use them cause they always came with my last name printed in HUGE BIG BLOCK letters?? You are absolutely right,how I wish they can use those money towards their own groups and save me from feeling guilty too!

  3. Dorothy! How very sweet of you to stop by. Now that I have your address I will be able to send you letters, but NOT with stick on charitable return address' :)

    See you soon.

  4. For years when my children were in elementary school, I ran fundraisers, slung Pizza on Pizza Days and then saw the funds go to some frivolous purchase within the school that did not improve their quality of education. I know I WAS also the treasurer. You'd think that at some point it would be enough. So now I'm done. I choose carefully what I donate to and am not swayed. I use the sticker labels if I feel like it without donating, if I don't feel like it. And I do think the only way to stop the hospitals from begging is to see that our Politicians give hospitals the necessary funds, send them those incorrect labels so this is not a game anymore. They could cut back on elections and be able to fund a whole lot of things. And do return to sender. I've had to do that with the stuff that comes to my mother's and I must say not much comes anymore, she still gets a lot of phone calls and I hold on and blast them. So they've started to ask for my dad who has been dead for thirty years. Can you imagine.

  5. It's interesting isn't it how we all deal with the pressure of providing more money for unsolicited goods. I got some stickers just this week and was about to toss them when I thought - what if someone is sifting through my garbage and decides to use my cast off stickers? So I shredded them. Nope, it didn't gum up the blades of the shredder.