Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today's THE DAY!

The Professor did a big long thing about the CRTC Do Not Call List, and then my radio station jumped on the bandwagon, so I thought I'd better alert all the non-scientists and non-classical music enthusiasts to the latest GREATEST news! These are the facts and the links. DO IT!!! I'll bet the system will crash in a big way with all the influx. Really.

If you’re tired of those incessant calls from telemarketers, today is the day when the long-awaited Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) National Do Not Call List (DNCL) takes effect.

Up until now, each company had its own do-not-call list, and you had to register with each one.

However, with the DNCL you simply have to register your phone number in one place — a master list that telemarketers will be required to use. Bell Canada will be responsible for it. The DNCL also has a complaints process to make sure companies are following the rules.

Registration is free.

Once you register, your number will stay on the list for three years. Remember certain organizations are exempt from using the DNCL, including:

- Registered charities
- Political parties
- Market research firms
- Newspapers selling subscriptions
- and Companies you deal with.

There will be a designated toll-free number where you can send a fax to register your fax machine line.
To register - Call 1-866-580-DNCL (3625) from any phone number you want to register. Or register online at the National Do Not Call Listwebsite. You will be able to enter up to three numbers at one time.

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  1. What a coincidence....(again)!!!! I have just finished entering my numbers on dncl.gc.ca and then I went to your blog....I said to myself, she read my mind again :)

    Imagine no more nonsense phone calls especially at dinner time????
    N I C E :D

  2. I saw that information in today's paper and meant to get right on it and of course forgot. Thanks for the link, I've DONE it. Yahoo!