Friday, October 17, 2008

After Midnight - Awake All Night

I don't know if it was the two cups of tea I enjoyed while watching Coronation Street, or the stimulation and late hour of getting into a documentary on TVO. The Masterworks series on "J.J.Cale". I had not realized the affiliation and inspiration this musician has had on the Rhythm and Blues community. Eric Clapton and J.J. have joined up in concert, and if you enjoy this music try and find the Masterworks doc. "To Tulsa and Back" - on tour with J.J.Cale. They may air it again. I wish I had taped it.

J.J.Cale and Eric Clapton in concert

At 2 a.m. I was in iTunes purchasing the entire album of these two. "Road to Escondido". "After Midnight" and the ever controversial "Cocaine"....I happen to have always loved the beat, melody and blues of this song, and Eric Clapton spoke about it not being an endorsement, just a statement. If you link to the videos you can also hear these tunes. Enjoy. Have a good weekend. I'm off to a huge workshop. See you Monday. Taking a nap now.

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