Friday, October 3, 2008


I haven't been going to Michael's that much lately. This week however, there was a 40% off coupon and I needed a rather expensive regular-priced item.

Upon our arrival at the store on Sunday, we came to find that they have flyers in the stores, but not the coupons. The Professor was really, really mad at me for turning around and leaving the store empty handed because I wanted to get the coupon deal. I don't get the Mississauga News, because it's usually just full of flyers :) (I know, I know) now I am in pursuit of a newspaper close to the Michael's. After a cruise through the neighbourhood headed for home we learn that the flyers are not in the papers sold at the newsstands....only the one's delivered. I relent on the hunt and soothe our souls by a whirl through Streetsville, (incidentally where the Mississauga News is published and printed) and find a Shwarma place beside a cupcake place...all is right with the world!

It's Monday. Tuesday is garbage day. The next door neighbour has used her coupon. I put out an email plea. The same neighbour gallantly crosses the road to another neighbour and bargains her coupon away from her. Yeah!

In the meantime, while I have the neighbourhood rummaging through the recycle bins, I remember seeing a comment on Carmi's blog about, so I investigate further and find out that indeed you can print off the coupons and redeem them in the store.

I'm a happy camper. I have lots of coupons now, but I have to make a daily trip to Michael's, because you can only redeem one coupon per visit. The staff know me well, the neighbours wave as I drive off with my coupons in hand. I love a bargain. I wonder if the price of gas offsets the coupon savings?

Make sure when you want a coupon, you click on the coupon link. It is a different link than the flyer link.


  1. My hubby says the same thing every week.
    "That coupon costs me a lot of money...."
    I feel very restless if I don't use it!

  2. Hubbies don't know how much money we have saved for them all because of those little coupons!!!

    Thanks for the flyer site :)

  3. Happy Michael's shopping. It is one of my favorite stores but I never go without that coupon in hand. The flyer site is great for getting those coupons. Thanks