Thursday, October 2, 2008

Date Night with The Professor

We are going to see Zucchero tonight at Massey Hall. Now that The Professor is well into his dance lessons, I'm thinking he needs to be exposed to all sorts of funky dancing. Tonight will be hilarious. Zucchero is such a strange guy. He's rough around the edges, mostly disheveled, sings in the way, I should probably be careful what I post. I have NO idea what he's saying in these songs, but the beat, the energy and the musicality is so much fun. Dan Ackroyd likes him too! Carmi or Giovanna, I await the translation :)

I will be bopping like the back-up singers tonight and The Professor will be praying that no one in the audience was in a current lecture of his. He likes anonymity in public:) If you can sit down while this music is on, there is something terribly wrong with you! You gotta' be a Hoochy Coochy Man!!!!


  1. OHHHHH. I don't know...I can barely figure out what people are singing in english half the time...I end up making up my own words....but I did get hime saying you look beautiful this there must have been a hoochy koochy sleep over....

  2. Wow this looks like a fun night. I loved the beat of the music even though I couldn't understand the words. Have fun

  3. Thank you for introducing me to this guy. I had never heard of him. He is fabulous!i

  4. Now why would you assume that an Italian song would be racy!

  5. Hi Leslie
    I can just see you dancing like that with a short little black dress perhaps. Have fun. The music sounds great.