Thursday, October 2, 2008

End of the Pears

I know, I know, you're sick of am I. This is the end. Just so that you season is here! Just kidding!! I feel like this last week has become a food blog. I just keep staring at pears and I can't help it. You'll be glad to know they are all gone now!

And when you are coming to the end of the road with pears.......

Gingered Pear Jam

Add ginger and citrus and enhance flavour of this pear jam.

3 pounds of pears
1 orange
½ lemon
½ cup diced candied ginger
1 package powdered (1¾ oz.) fruit pectin
5 cups sugar

Core and finely dice pears to make 4 cups. Put orange and lemon through food chopper, or process coarsely. Combine pears, orange, lemon, candied ginger and fruit pectin. Bring to boil. Add sugar and bring back to full rolling boil. Boil 1 minute. Remove from heat and skim with metal spoon. Cool 5 minutes, skim again. Put in sterilized jars and seal. Process according to manufacturer's directions

Always be sure to use ripe pears

This is such a great photo thanks Cheryl
[photo creditfree range living]


  1. Leslie Jane Moran writes,

    I know, I know, you're sick of am I.

    Me too.

    Why don't we see how many different meals we can make with ground beef?

  2. Thanks for the recipe Leslie. This is my year to be all domestic and make jams and pickles so this looks great.

  3. Your photo of the jar reminds me of a Mary Pratt wood cut and was comemorated in a postage stamp collection of domestic images. Beautiful!

    Tante D