Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Evolution of Nancy

See this beautiful, smiling, spit-fire, cracker jack woman????

This is Nancy Donaldson

See her necklace? She made it.

Want to take a class and learn this technique...and other jewelry ideas?

Irene and I are going to try to take a class with Nancy on one of her days off....[Wednesday]. If you think you would like to join us, please let me know and we'll set a date. Otherwise you will just have to admire ours - when we make one, or something else...this one requires an anvil!

P.S. I'll drive.


  1. Leslie Jane, you are toooooooooo
    kind? And could you air brush some lipstick on me! It was so nice to meet you and everyone else. It was such a fun class. I look forward to seeing you again soon to make the heart necklace!

  2. Hi Leslie! It was great to see you on the weekend and a great workshop despite my woes over making holes and bezels that sit right. I did discover that I am a pyromaniac. And I now have the torch to prove it.
    I'd love to take Nancy's class. That necklace is to die for ( or to live for?). Just let me know the date and if I have something on that day I will reschedule.

  3. Hi Leslie. I was admiring this necklace in Jane's class! I would love to take this class! Keep me posted.
    Billi Jo