Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Home again, Home again

Whenever you leave a place, someone always says "What will you do when you get home?"

I'm not sure why unpacking takes so long? Perhaps it's because the trip, and the anticipation is over and now it's all about laundry, putting back, and waking up in Mississauga with a flipping Conservative in our riding. That's enough to make me tired and wild at the same time.

I spent a restorative week in Washington...if you think we're in trouble politically.... My hosts were threatening to come and live in our guest room if things go badly in the next election for them. Now, I'm not sure that we have much more to offer....except health care.

We did "girl" things all week and watched old Paul Newman movies and political commentaries and shopped.

We visited Charlottesville,VA, but didn't see Monticello:) That will mean we have to go back! The street you see pictured is pedestrian only and full of antique book shops, vintage clothing, bead shops, artistic galleries, wonderful restaurants and especially delicious cupcakes! The sort of place that fills up your senses!

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  1. So happy you had a good away, glad to see you back though.