Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Workshop

This weekend I was involved in a most wonderful workshop. Carmi
set up a class with Jane Wynn exploring all things metal. Over the two days,we met at an historic Toronto landmark,Zion Church, Cultural Centre, a spirited location which boasts vaulted ceilings, fantastic lighting, space and local amenities.

Jane's Book "Altered Curiosities"

The workshop was so well organized that it was a true pleasure. Everyone had their own table, every word could be heard, every demo could be doesn't get better than that. Oh wait!...yes it does...the convivial group of women. Perfect.

Jane and her husband Thomas drove up from the Baltimore area and were thus able to bring along tools that otherwise are way too cumbersome to travel-teach with. The first day [Captured! Bezel Setting for Found Object Jewelry Class], we became acquainted with butane torches and metal tripods for soldering. This is equipment that I must have...(field trip!) well as a stand that holds the Dremel tool and makes it into a drill press....another outing.

Jane is an adorable artist with an easy manner of teaching, it was all so calm, engendering each one to set her own pace. The group mixed well and being among so many talented women is always inspiring.

Day two was learning the techniques of pouring resin to embed objects in bezels. It is an exacting, calm and "in the zone" sort of procedure. Bubbles in this case are a girl's worst enemy. As in most artwork, it all looks easy when you see a piece of jewelry. You always think..."I could do that". Perhaps, but the process of getting there takes a long time to learn, accomplish and refine. Practice makes perfect and Jane has her techniques down to a fine art!

Pipe Dreams Class

There was time to shop too!

The entire group so happy with our class and "Everyone Loves Jane!"

Thanks to Carmi for her excellent organization and hard work in setting up this event (no small feat),and to Jane and Thomas for making the trek to the cool climes of Canada to teach. It was a great fall weekend spent learning so much. The refrain from the entire group is likely...."More Please!" Loved being with all of you. Til' we meet again.

Check outMartha's Blog to see her great samples!!


  1. Thank you for sharing your photos of the Jane Wynn workshop with us. Everyone looks so happy, peaceful and inspired. I'm glad you had a great day.

  2. I love the photos you posted - what a marvelous reminder of a great workshop and some wonderful artists.


  3. I'm so jealous. I've shot about 40 pictures of Jane in person and like ONE of them was even passable. They just never reflect her charm. But this group shot looks great -- of everyone.

    A couple of things were bugging me, though, keeping this from being a fantastic shot, so I spent a few minutes in photoshop getting rid of the paper towel and some distracting stuff on the table behind everyone. Here it is, click on the pic to download it:

    --Mike Jennings