Friday, November 21, 2008

Blogs to look at

I will be away from my desk for a few days, so to keep you busy while I'm away, you might like to take a look at these wonderful blogs that I've found recently. The first one will be of special interest to my bookbinding friends. You'll flip when you see the wonderful papers and ideas here:
From Kamloops, BC

Speaking of dogs, "The House of Edward" will keep you busy reading for many days.
The House of Edward

A couple of weeks ago on Coronation Street, Liam and Maria were out walking around in the Lake District of England and Liam had a fall down a cliff. Not only was the military rescue helicopter called, but they actually use these dogs. This is the exact terrain Liam had his accident in. Hmmmmm perhaps a border collie???
Lake District Mountain Search Dogs and Rescue

For sure a trip to the Lake District in England and a hike near an old inn.

On this one just take a look at her enchanting blog banner. This goldfish bowl is amazing. Goldfish Bowl

Have a good weekend everyone. Stay warm and be well.


  1. some cool sites, thanks for sharing! And yes, they are border collies, my favorite and I think the are the smartest of all dogs!
    I love to watch them work!

  2. thanks Leslie These sites will keep me busy. You will be in my thoughts this weekend. See you next week