Saturday, November 8, 2008


Last night we had an outing with our old friends..."The Hort" group. Hort is short for Horticultural...that was when we were into all things garden.

Previous to gardening, we sat, as a group, on the side of soccer fields hither and yon, just about every weekend of our girl's young lives watching our daughters run around. We were Soccer Moms...and Dads. We traveled with the various teams and could always find a little side shopping to alleviate either the heat or general boredom of waiting around for games. One evening, late into our sideline careers, the Moms all left en masse to attend a local garden club meeting, and the rest is history. We became known as "The Horts", we traveled in our "Hortmobile" and have years of memories to recount and regale us. The girls were grown now, and we were on to our own pursuits.

These days, our schedules are vastly different. The girls are grown and gone from home and the soccer fields. "The Horts" try to keep in touch as often as we can. With the exception of one couple, last night was a "pub" night, which we always call these evenings, despite there being no pub involved this time. We had dinner and then off to the local bowling alley. Everything was pretty normal until 9:30 p.m. when the lights dimmed, the music ramped, the disco ball started to rotate and everyone wearing white was "glowing" in the dark. I had just had a conversation with my son about glow-in-the-dark bowling, thinking it sort of a strange concept. At first we were a little alarmed, hoping, that at our advanced ages, we would be able to see, but gradually, I think everyone did a bit better. At least our mistakes were a little less obvious! Great exercise, if you haven't done this in awhile, give it a try. In the following video you will see most of the bloopers committed in good fun on our lanes.

Bowling Bloopers

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