Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dogs at the White House?

The Obama's are getting a dog. It was a promise that the little girls could have a dog if and when they moved to the White House. I wonder what kind of dog they'll choose??

We were thinking about getting a dog too. Ever since being in Hawaii, I have fallen in love with long-haired miniature Dachshunds. I was trying to convince The Professor that this would be the perfect dog for us, you know, small dog - big attitude. The opportunity came up a couple of weeks ago to "test drive" the breed, when friends relented and left their two little imps with us for the weekend. They were worried that if we didn't like their dogs, we'd never get one. They had no need to be nervous. We had such a fun, if not active weekend.

This is Mr. Myles. He is a "blond" bombshell. He's a young guy, full of vim and vigour, eats only to sustain his retrieving habit, and has two speeds.....On and Off.

He's a total riot, and very, very smart. He loves his squeaky toys. Both dogs were given new toys for the weekend - guaranteed to squeak. I'll be speaking to their owners about this cruel and unusual idea. I have never seen such persistence by an animal to make a toy work, as that of Myles' efforts. The game is that you throw his toy, he fetches it back to your general vicinity and you throw it again. This goes on until you tire of the game, as Myles NEVER tires of throw and fetch. The story is told that one of Myles' human "sister's" was in a reclining chair, tanning, and ran out of patience with the game, so she taught Myles to nudge the toy with his nose right to her dangling-off-the-chair hand by saying "Closer Myles!". I wish I had a video of the Professor's amusement at this dog trick! I'd show it in one of his lectures for sure. Myles doesn't give up until the toy is virtually in your lap, if that's what it takes for you to throw, yet again.

Photographing animals is very difficult. If you don't want the flash on, you must hold the camera perfectly steady and the subject must also stay very still. By now, you realize this is next to impossible for Myles. The reason I know that I'm not a terrible photographer is this:

Myles' older sister Daisy. Also with a ball, but in her preferred state of activity - Off. The animal photographer's dream. Look at that pose!

The photo credits are mine. I was prone on the ceramic kitchen floor trying my hardest to soothe Myles into a portrait. Of course he was curious as to what I was doing, lying with Daisy, so he ran off to get something to fetch. Tennis balls are his other favourite past-time. Oh yes, Myles the so many ways. I hope the Obama's think of getting a pair. Then I could offer to dog-sit.


  1. These pictures are great. You definitely captured them - even Myles The Blur. I agree mini long haired dachunds would be a perfect choice for the Obama Family and for The Moran Family. We are looking forward to doggysitting for you one day soon. Myles and Daisy had so much fun at your house. They loved all that wonderful attention.

  2. You have been busy. Great photos, love those chairs.

  3. Dog babysitting? I love it, and the pictures are great too.