Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Impossible Things

These are six things I want to learn.

1. Photoshop skills that pertain to exactly what I want to do.

2. How to print on various types of fabric.

3. Mosaic work from dishes that I want to smash.

4. Jewelery techniques of various kinds.

5. How to make journals from old books.

6. How to do watercolours like Prince Charles.

By the way, these are six impossible things that I thought of in a heartbeat before breakfast. I eat late.


  1. This is very scary. I just lined up a table that I thought mosaics would look great on. I'm in if you find a class. Hammer in hand. knowing us we'd go out and buy dishes.

  2. Are you this inspirational everyday.. Martha :)hehe

  3. Wow You must be like me (creating and thinking in the night.) Let me know if you are looking for a partner for any of your impossible things to do. I always like a new addiction to add to my list.