Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New "Ina"

Happily, Ina's new cookbook is out now. There was an opportunity in Washington to meet her and have her sign her latest edition, but for one thing, you had the buy the book at the cooking shop, and for another, this happened the week after I left the city.

Luckily, for Jilly and I, Costco has a brand new stack of them. I know, I know, I was not going to buy any more books, and specifically cook books, but I'm addicted to Ina and her recipes. When I flipped open the book it landed on the brownie pudding.....sold.


  1. Actually the brownie pudding happened to land on ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I wanted a Ina book last year for Mother's Day because we love to watch her cook, and my chubby little boy said he couldn't afford for me to cook like her, he'd have to walk a lot more than to Home Depot 4 days a week. So I'm sticking with the skinny chefs. Or not.