Thursday, November 13, 2008

Remember this smiling face....and the necklace she's wearing???

Well you can knock one of the things off of the list that I wanted to learn before breakfast yesterday.

Irene and I drove out to Nancy Donaldson's home for a workshop on metal shaping, pounding and stringing. Nancy is a multi-talented artist.She is also a multi-tasking phenomenon. [Read: Taking a nap is not in this woman's itinerary!] We had been introduced to some of Nancy's creativity at another workshop we attended involving torches and solder. This woman has a way with neat "junk", and I mean THE neatest JUNK, making the most amazing things out of metal stuff that you or I would put in the trash. These found objects can be found on her Etsy site.

Three of us were coached in plying wire into shapes using various empty shot glasses as templates. Pinching, and bending and coaxing cleaned rebar wire (fence wire) into adorable shapes to accept more winding of wire in and around glass and metal beads. It is quite the process.

Nancy has the utmost patience and was an organized and attentive teacher. We all finished our project, although it did take longer than we had expected, but it was a splendid day.

Nancy's blog is called "All Pulped Out".....I can tell you that we were certainly all pulped out by the time we left, but also "pumped up" to keep on beading! Thanks Nancy, let's do it again some time.

P.S. She's also a hairdresser.


  1. we had a great adventure with Nancy.

  2. Hey Leslie, your are so kind, I'm glad you had fun in the class! Where's the pic of your necklace!
    You all did an amazing job!

  3. I am impressed. I hope you can model the finished necklace for us at Tim's. Let me know when you are giving your own workshops. See you tomorrow?