Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sunday Afternoon at the Hive

Sunday, Irenka and I went to our favourite shop Bizzy B's
and took part in a bookbinding class with Carolyn Disher.

The book is a chubby little black compilation of "signatures" made from index cards with a sewn binding.

Once the signatures are sewn in place the lacing provides a lattice to weave fabric and fibres through. Strips of fabric are scrunched down to provide the base of colour for the bead embellishment.

It's a tiny little book....some were using theirs for lists of books they have read and books to be read, Christmas gift inventories, favourite quotes etc. etc.

Once everything is tied off and the decorated covers are glued on, beads are threaded and tied to the tail left from the binding.

A handsome grosgrain ribbon finishes off the book and holds it all together with a bow. I decided to photograph this even though I have not finished decorating the covers....it might just end up being a little black book!

Carolyn has consented to doing bookbinding classes of all sorts on the third Sunday of the month. The first class will be January 18, 2009 at noon (doesn't that sound far away??) It will be the Small Leather/Suede Book. It uses leather and suede to weave a cover to the signatures. It is based on a medieval binding that uses no glue or adhesives.

Yet another impossible thing....bookbinding. Try it you'll love it. We had the most wonderful class....by the way...the Seven Dwarfs are: Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy and Sneezy. There were seven of us at this class, you know who you are!! What a laugh.


  1. Lovely. Always difficult to know how to use the beauty. Perhaps it could flatten leaves or petals. Someday it could record baby words. Is that the same as preserving baby's breath?

  2. Was it not great. We had a laugh in spite of your dilemma. I love my little book, and it's on my shelf in the kitchen looking great. Almost like a my first Christmas decoration. If only the rest of it were as much fun.

  3. Your chubby book is just fabulous Leslie. I love all the doodads on the spine. Thanks for sharing the Carolyn experience with us (your blog fans). She's such a terrific teacher.