Monday, November 17, 2008

Swinging by.......

I have been doing a bit of "swinging" swinging, that is. A new term for visiting someone's blog, leaving a message, then perusing a blog that they read, leaving a message..on and on. Swinging through the "blogosphere".

I came upon the game while investigating more of The Hermitage The following link to Snapper and the Griffin is very intriguing to me. A photographer takes a picture...any picture, and the writer then writes a story ...any story about the picture.

Snapper and the Griffin
The idea for this blog came with the photos of Madame Shawshank of Penrith and a Sussex Griffin. She, the Snapper places a photo upon the page. An image of any kind. I, the Griffin then must respond with a tale of somesuch.

Isabel, Sarah and Margaret Coleman (not necessarily in that order)

I often think about the stories behind the pictures in my daily National Gallery of Art calendar. I'll leave a picture of Thomas Sully's "The Coleman Sisters". I am going to write a story about them. Will you? I'd wish for the Griffin to write about them, but I'm afraid I'd turn to stone :) [You will only get this connection if you read "The Wishing Dress" - Snapper and the Griffin]


  1. The Colemans invited 27. Isabel didn't seem to mind that no one came. Sarah thought it odd and Margaret wondered if there had been the proper postage.

  2. That's very clever! I was hoping for something a bit longer, but I'm laughing so hard that this makes up for any lack of length. You even made my toe feel better! I can't wait to write my story and compare notes...I surely will not be able to top your version! Thanks.