Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tuffets and Foot Stools

Another of my impossible ideas is to convert some antique cheese boxes into something more useful... and decorative... and whimsical...

Something like this is pretty fantastical

Now THIS is quite amazing

This looks like just the right sort of center to coddle tired feet

This project has been on my mind for some time and a recently a catalogue from
Mackenzie-Childs was popped into my mailbox by someone who had the delicious occasion to visit a shop full of this whimsical furniture. It makes me want to paint something......So many little light of day to accomplish things by.

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  1. Ok. I hope Nancy is reading this. These are our cheese boxes Nancy. Number one with polka dots is the one I want to do. I love the feet.

  2. NANCY!!!????

    I don't see any METAL or WAX involved in these poufs!! :)

  3. Wow I'm impressed. I always am looking for ways to use things that I have saved for years too. We should start a group to do unfinished crafts.

  4. Remember Nancy took an upholstery course, and she would make us finish.