Saturday, November 1, 2008

Where does the time go?

Since we are "Falling" back tonight, we will get an extra hour of sleep in this dark season, and an extra hour to get things done. But really, where does the time go?

I have so much to do, and never enough time. I was thinking about people that I know who accomplish so much. I never seem to get there.

This all came to mind as I was pulling apart cupboards to find my "quiltin" supplies. I unearthed a life-time of things that I do. In the fabric realm, I'm currently working on a counted cross-stitch for a new baby. That sits next to a few other items still in "production". I did find the quilt bits along with several other quilt 'ideas', all neatly stashed in a box, but all, still in bits. Then there is the needlepoint...Elizabeth Bradley.

Gillian and I had the idea to make a carpet out of the seasons of the year bordered in bell pulls...I have finished "Summer" and "Spring" is still in bits.

I have several tea cosy's in production. One is a striped knitted one that will have small pearls attached, one is a Jolly Red needlepoint..

I love it, it needs to be sewn now...more fabric required, another, a felted pattern is still in the bag with all the gubbins needed, still in many bits.

I have a collection of antique fabrics, in particular hankies. I was going to make a "hanky banky" quilt at one time....

I was speaking with Ma Tante down East yesterday and she has gotten in all her rug hooking supplies for the winter. I have a bag full of rug hooking supplies.Rittermere-Hurst-Field
Speaking of bags, there is a really neat pattern I got at the sewing convention last year that has yet to make it to the surface.

I did make an attempt to start back to painting, and pulled out the timely
Betty Caithness Pumpkin. It is on a card table in the basement, surrounded by the boxes of textiles ripped from their behind-the-doors shelves in a frenzy to find something else.

My studio room is, at a glance, a disaster. I have beading, welding, scrapbooking, cardmaking, watercolour, and advent supplies piled high on the table tops, and I won't mention what is on the floor.

This doesn't even begin to cover all the areas that I dabble in. I also have this compulsion to see everything around me in order to remember that I have it.

When I see all that I have around me, I get overstimulated, and I can't do anything. Remember that stack of books on the stairs?.........Perhaps I could start reading, then again, there is the garden outside and all the fall clean-up to get at this weekend........

[The photo of the pumpkin is from:]
I did complete one, gave it away and now I'm going to do another. When? I'm not sure. Where does the time go???????


  1. Oh do I know what your feeling. I'm trying to organize all my bits. Not so successful. Keep at it.

  2. Leslie you would be a good one to come to the group that I think I should start up. It would be for all us crafters with unfinished crafts to do. I am working on Christmas cards now but many other fun things await.