Wednesday, April 15, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, as soon as the snow had melted from the street, we had a wonderfully warm day. My junior girlfriends arrived at the door and I proclaimed..."You should be out skipping today! It's a jump rope sort of day!"

"But we don't have jump ropes".

"Get in the car. We're going to find skipping ropes. What do you mean you don't have skipping ropes???"

"Just don't do that anymore."

"Oh YES you do!"

Do you think we could find skipping ropes...the good "plasticy" kind that we used for 'double dutch' when we were kids??? You need a 14 foot good quality 'rope' to jump. After several fruitless attempts, we got two seven foot ropes in a party packagers shop and tied them together. The knot in the middle is awful, but it works...sort of. The ropes were so cheap the handles flew off in the first five minutes, but I didn't let that stop the game.

Plastic wound around our hands, we jumped to a variety of 'songs' that have been massively changed since I did this activity every day, but it was still fun and might I say pretty exhausting. I was begging to be an "ever-ender" in the first five minutes.

I truly believe that we can solve the problem of child inactivity if they just had a skipping rope. Take a look at these marvelous girls. Don't you think that the half time show at all sporting events should be like this? The Navy obviously does.

Hopefully you have time and patience to watch this clip until the end. It gets pretty darn amazing. Next time you try out a rope yourself, you'll so appreciate the athleticism required for this activity.

It's a sad commentary when you can't go to a local shop and buy a skipping rope! Now of course it's all on-line, but hey, good for them!


Hat Tip: Helen B.
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  1. Honestly Leslie, you have such a knack for finding and sharing fascinating stuff. I used to love skipping as a child and practiced like crazy, but I can't imagine the focus and energy it took these girls to perform their routine. Did you notice how the guys got more and more into it as the video progressed? I thought that was a riot. Girl Power!!!

  2. Yes Susan, and I was delighted that this half time venture really drew in all those macho guys! At this level, skipping IS a sport!

  3. Wow, it was so good that it brought me to tears. I don't remember ever skipping with a single rope. I did double and dolly dutch. Oh yes, and the long rope. Dogs are quite good at skipping in the long rope. Those girls were something else and the excitement mounted with each routine. Thank you for a real trip!

  4. Leslie thanks for sharing these memories with us. I too remember skipping all the time as a child. My grandaughter loves to skip and I was able to find a skipping rope for her as part of her Easter gift. As a hands on Grandma I will be skipping or holding the ends of the skipping rope as soon as the weather changes.

  5. That was absolutely amazing, Leslie. I was mesmerized the entire video and, like Sharon, I was brought to tears. Skipping is an incredible workout...let's see if I can incorporate skipping into my aerobic routines!!

  6. That was really fun to watch. I'm not going to bring out my jump rope any time soon because I'd rather live with the memories of when I was accomplished (not they way these girls are...but good for my neighborhood!) I can't imagine jumping more than 3 times without keeling over at this point!!

    It was wonderful to have you. You are my best!!

  7. Wow, I remember spending entire afternoons skipping as a child. It was so much fun trying to jump into the ropes for Double Dutch just at the right moment to get going. Kudos to those girls! Dev, skipping would be a great thing to incorporate into our gym class but be prepared for a few washroom breaks. lol.